“Villa Organika es un Condominio de Casas de Campo Ecológicas,  que incorporan dentro de las mismas huertas orgánicas,  donde sus propietarios cultivarán sus propios  alimentos y vivirán en plena armonía con la naturaleza”.

We are a multidisciplinary team of arquitects and investors, focused on developing eco friendly projects based on a self-sustaining lifestyle.

We use renewable energies in order to live in a community based on an organic, resilient agricultural production and with an enormous sense of respect, love and protection of the environment.

Part of our mission is to rescue those lost values where the respect for all kinds of life in nature was the main component.

Unfortunately, modern man and consumerism promoted by large corporations have done little or nothing to treasure nature and take care of the delicate balance that supports the scaffolding that allows humanity to subsist.

We welcome you to our page and we invite you to visit our BLOG, where you will find videos and high value content that will contribute to strengthen your knowledge in regards of the ecological lifestyle.